Friday, October 10, 2014

Speed vs Power

  Speed Is Better

     The Royals and Orioles play at 8 tonight!!! These teams are VERY different for their own reasons, but which team has the advantage? 
     To me, speed takes a big part of the Royals success, so if they don't try and steal bases, than they should just give up. Get a base hit, steal second, then a base hit will score a run, and if the Royals do that EVERY time, even if they get thrown out, they will score a lot of runs.

     The Orioles game is home runs and that's it. Almost %50 of there runs are from home runs. I know, power is very important, but what happens when someone hits a ball in the left field gap? It could be a triple if Lorenzo Cain is running. Have fun Orioles.

I want the Royals to win... GO ROYALS!!!

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