Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Cards to show

I got this cool card in the mail today
Heres the front

Heres the back

     I really like this card, it's of some of the best pitchers in the MLB. All are CY Young Candidates, and one already has a CY Young award. Chris Sale has huge potential to be THE BEST pitcher in 2015, and so does Hyun Jin Ryu, who is a really funny guy. I should (I hope) be getting in a couple more cards fairly soon, and will post them when They come. 
    I actually just found this card, which I traded at the National Sports Collectors Convention, on ebay which is funny
This was one of the coolest cards I had, and still (sorta) regret trading it. The guy who I traded it to then put it on display for a price of $100 after I traded It, so somebody must have bought it hoping to make a little money. I guess he didn't!!!

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  1. Those r so cool! I have a card with a game worn patch from Andy Pettite, Tino Martinez, and Bernie Williams. I also have a card with a patch from the 1977 World Series