Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Game 7

The Royals Take The Giants To Game 7

     It wasn't even a close game, the Royals and Yordano Ventura just crushed the Giants. Theres not much to say about last nights game except wow.

          Game 7 is tonight at 8:07 PM on Fox, oh boy I get to here Joe Buck announce again... Make sure you watch it, because this is why Baseball is the best sport in the country, with one swing of the bat, the game is over. I have to go to Boy Scouts during the game, but I'm trying to convince my parents to pick me up early to watch Tim Hudson DOMINATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the Giants can pull through with a win, with good and strong pitching, good defense, and EXPLOSIVE offense!
Tim Hudson will start game 7 at the age of 39

Will Mad Bum make a game 7 appearance?
I hope

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