Friday, October 24, 2014

The Lions

The Lions #11 Left Field

     I love to play baseball, and am on the Lions. I am #11 and play left field. I started out the season terrible, striking out, grounding out, and didn't do anything very well. I started to adjust towards the end of the season, making better plays in the outfield and getting better at bats. Knowing I won't play for at least 7 months, I realized, I should have fun, and not worry about getting up in big situations. We won tonight on a walk off single by our third baseman/pitcher in the 7th inning. 

     I started off the night with a base hit (I think) to the pitcher. I honestly don't even know what happened, all I know is that I got on base without making an out and that's all that matters. My second at bat of the night, I hit a hard line drive to the left fielder which WOULD have been a double, but the left fielder was playing right on the line. My third at bat, I walked and than scored. My fourth at bat was probably the most important. I lead off the bottom of the seventh, down by 3 runs, I walked on 5 pitches, Then I stole second. Our catcher walked to put runners on first and second (with me on second) and our second baseman/center fielder hit a ground ball to third and I didn't realize it was a force and (THANK GOD) I was safe at third otherwise my coach would have killed me. If it weren't for my speed, I would not have made it. I'm probably the fastest on my team, and That's what gets me most of my base hits and steals. It puts pressure on the fielders and almost every time, I know i'm going to be safe because of my speed. I have a double header tomorrow!

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