Saturday, October 25, 2014

The next time you watch the World Series...

The Marlins Fan!

     The next time you watch the World Series, look out for ONE Marlins fan behind home plate at the World Series. You will see him on the left side of home plate about 2 rows back. I remember seeing him in Kansas City, thinking what the heck are you doing here so I decided to read up a little about him.
     He was been to 26 Super Bowls, and over 80 World Series games!!! He says he just loves the game of baseball, and wheres his Marlins shirt because ever since going to a heat game with it, and they won, he has always worn it and considers it good luck. He has 6 of them. The Marlins fan also gave up his seat right behind home plate for the Navy singer who sang God Bless America.
     This person seems very thankful for all he has, and when he gets a chance to do something nice, he takes advantage of the opportunity. I saw him at almost EVERY World Series game this season. Next time you watch the World Series look out for him!!! he's right here***

Nothing beats this though. This was at the AL wildcard game after Eric Hosmer hit the triple

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