Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I Had Fun With Stickers As A Child... And I Still Am

Some people have different opinions on sticker autographs, and I'm one of those people that hates them, unless it's on a really awesome card, such as my Maddux deca booklet... Otherwise, I try and stay away from the dreaded sticker autographs. A few days ago, I cut a relic card in half, and took the relic out. "What is Frankie doing?" You're probably asking that to yourself, but I'm just  taking a few useless cards, and having some fun with them!

It was difficult to peel the sticker off, but once the sticker was off, it wasn't very sticky.

1/1 Chris Hicks signed table! I know you want one... But what's better then a

Chris Hicks signed pug! Piece of history... How's this 

Chris Hicks signed fake sunflower that has been in my house for a decade? I'm not sure what's more valuable, the sunflower, or the Chris Hicks autograph! Should be worth a couple hundred on eBay! My favorite of the group though, is this one of a kind piece... 

The one and only...

Chris Hicks

Signed banana! Wow!!! If only Mike Trout had, "signed," this banana... Millions. I'll have to settle for a couple hundred on this Chris Hicks signed banana.
Thoughts on sticker autographs? Do you wish you could have a one of a kind piece, like this Chris Hicks banana? How would you frame your banana?


  1. You realize now I'm going to have to do this but first I have go to the store because there are no bananas in the house curse you internet.

  2. "How would you frame your banana?" Best quote of the day, for sure.