Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Long Awaited Mailday...

If you read my post a few weeks ago, you know that I made a deal to acquire a Craig Biggio 1/1 dynasty autograph BSG 9.5/10. I sent him my Tom Glavine museum collection framed autograph, plus some cash. I sold my two other Craig Biggio autographs (Dynasty and five star) to Matthew, which I was a little disappointed about, but who needs a five star Biggio when you have this...?

Absolutely stunning. Gold ink, gold label, 1/1, Awesome patch, Dynasty, what's better? I'm not sure what the patch is from, so if you have any idea where it's from, please let me know! I love the look of this card, and the gold ink with the black back-round really pops. The picture isn't that great, and the card looks MUCH better in person.

The back of the card isn't your basic back, but it isn't the most exciting either. I like how they don't just put the regular statistics, but at the same time, I 

Here's a better picture of the card. I keep repeating myself, but this card is stunning. Flawless. This is easily my favorite card, and it's not going anywhere, unless I get an irresistible offer. I'm hoping to add a few more Hall Of Famers from dynasty. I already have this Biggio, and a Steve Carlton, that I'm hoping for a 9.5/10 on. I've said it a dozen times in this post... But this card is stunning. These pictures don't do the card justice.
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