Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Boredom

Every Yankees fan hated Vidal Nuno when he was on the Yankees, no argument to be made there. So let's take a Vidal Nuno relic from 2013 Panini pastime.

Here's the card, numbered out of 125. There's nothing better then the bland, boring design of 2013 panini pastime. So now, the scissors come in play.

I've always wondered how the major card companies make their relic cards, so I decided to take my scissors, and cut the card in half.

I took the relic out, and I noticed that the white part was sticky. The relic was easily pulled off though.

I'm pretty sure It was one piece, but I accidentally cut it in half. It's not very strong fabric, and can easily be ripped in half, so I'm not sure what piece of his uniform it came from, if it did come from an actual piece of his uniform.

Here's the finished project... Some may say it's stupid, others may have fun with it. I had a great time with this mini project!
Thank you for reading!

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