Friday, September 4, 2015

Birthday Present From Drew

It's been a really down week for me, and I haven't exactly been feeling myself (which is the reason I haven't been Blogging much, but today I got a package from Drew, which really brightened my day. Here's what Drew sent me:

Russell Martin wasn't on the Yankees very long, and I didn't really like him. Now that he's on the Blue Jays, I'm forced to hate him...

The design of 2015 gypsy queen looks really nice, especially with a Yankee featured on the front! 

And DiMaggio...

I'm not sure if this is an insert, but it's still a really cool card, from 2009 Allen And Ginter. 

Brett Gardner has been my favorite Yankee for the past few years, but surprisingly I only have one of his autographs, which is on a game used bat. I guess that makes up for barely having any of his cards...

Teixeira has been having a spectacular year, even though he's out for another two weeks, which is a huge blow for the Yankees. I've never been able to spell Mark's last name though... 

Stadium Club is flawless, and the design is so simple, but the photos are absolutely amazing. It should be that way with every product, but I guess nobody can complain.

I actually bought the same card at The National, but it's always nice to have another autograph of an up and coming star! Severino had another solid outing, and has a 2.17 ERA during his short time with the Yankees. This is my third Severino autograph, so hopefully I can build on what I already have!
Thank you Drew! 

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  1. I wish you didn't have it already, but I'm glad you liked the card! Happy Belated again, Frankie, it's been great getting to know you since we met in January!