Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Package From William

Fridays are always awesome, but Fridays are even better when you receive a package from William. As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of Nolan Arenado. A few weeks ago, William broke a box of 2015 bowman chrome, and pulled a few Nolan Arenado cards, and asked if I had wanted them. My answer, was of course, yes. I still need to send something his way, but for now, here are the cards that William sent me:

First up is this base card of Arenado from 2015 bowman chrome. I really like the design of the 2015 bowman chrome base, but not the autographs. I know, it's pretty much the same, but the base design is so much simpler, which makes the player really stand out.

The next card in the package, was this Nolan Arenado 2015 bowman chrome purple refractor /250 that William pulled. The purple refractor really stand out, and in my opinion, is the best looking colored refractor, besides the superfractor. 

Another Arenado from Allen and Ginter. This is another Arenado card I do not yet have!

One cannot have enough Arenado...

William also included two relic cards, one of them being of Alex Rodriguez! This card is from 2001 Upper Deck, and even though the design is very plain, I've never seen this card. My first Rodriguez relic!

My favorite card from the package, was this 2008 Yankee Legacy relic, of Paul O'Neil! I have a few autographs of O'Neil, but this is my first relic.
Thank you for the package, William!

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