Monday, September 28, 2015

Greg Maddux 2015 Triple Threads Deca Booklet eBay Win

So far, I've really liked 2015 Topps Triple Threads. I hated last years, and I wasn't too fond of 2015 Triple Threads, but this year, Topps really has me hooked. The design is pretty much the same, but the patches are better, there are less stickers, and the deca booklets are awesome. Last night, I was surfing eBay to check some 2015 Triple Threads cards, and I came across a few deca booklets, one of them being this Greg Maddux /10.

The bid wasn't that high, with only a few hours left, so I decided to put a max bid of ($) on this awesome card. It's numbered only out of 10, and even though that the autograph is not on card, the trifold aspect, and the patches definitely make up for that. This card features Maddux with a Cubs uniform on, and even though I'd rather have him on the Braves, this card is still really cool. A few hours later, as I was listening to the Cubs game, the bid went up quite a bit, but I still remained the highest, and I ended up winning the auction! I'm really happy with the card, and this will be the Maddux that I keep in my collection, unless I'm able to snag a better one of him in a Braves uniform. I'm just wondering where I'll be able to get a magnetic for this card, because I definitely don't want to grade it, and have the card in one of those gigantic BGS booklet cases...
Thank you for reading!