Thursday, September 24, 2015

Two Small Investments

When it comes to baseball card collecting, I usually don't like prospects, unless the player is in pinstripes. Every now and then though, I'll make a little investment in a young prospect, and hope for the best. I got a deal, which consisted of these two cards, that I couldn't turn down.

First up, is this Tyler Kolek 2014 bowman draft blue wave autograph /10. I do not have these cards in hand, because I just had the person ship right to Matthew for the BGS submission. Kolek was drafted second overall last year, but hasn't lived up to his expectations thus far. He's only 19, and hasn't has that much experience, so he still has a lot of time to prove himself. 

The second card of the deal, is this Julio Urias bowman chrome refractor autograph /500. Julio Urias is ranked the #4 prospect in baseball, and he's also only 19 years old. He's definitely proven himself, but now it's just a matter of when he gets the call to the majors. Both are heading to BGS with the one and only Dodger Penguin, and I'm hoping for 9.5's on both of them! The Kolek is a little streaky, but it could go either way, a 9, or a 10. The Urias has one questionable corner, but overall, it looks good, and I'm hoping for a 9.5/10.
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