Saturday, September 5, 2015

Huge Trade At The National

I was looking at some of the new products coming out towards the end of the year, and I noticed that 2015 Five Star would be coming out at the end of September, but it was only $130, instead of the $400 that it used to be. Topps got rid of the base card in the product, and now it will only consist of 2 autographs per box. The design is much different, and I'm still not sure if I like it any better then 2013 or 2014. My favorite year is still 2013, but maybe I'll get a box of 2015 Five Star because the price point is much lower, and will most likely only get lower, not any higher. 2014 Topps Five Star was around $400, and now a box is below $300. Topps Dynasty is also coming out in November, so It'll be interesting to see how that does. Anyways, here's my most recent Five Star:

I met John Smotlz way back in November at a White Plains show, and paid only $49. I had him sign both a photo and a baseball, and he even signed my cast, from when I was in a wheelchair! That's probably one of the coolest items that I have in my collection; A John Smoltz signed (orange) cast. Prior to the National, I had 3 Smoltz autographs, but none were on a card, so one of my goals was to acquire a Smoltz autograph. I found a table that had this awesome card for only $35, so this was one of the cards that was included in the trade for my Chipper Jones button. 

The other being this awesome Don Mattingly autograph /50 from 2014 Five Star. I pulled a Don Mattingly auto from 2013 Pinnacle, but the design was horrendous, and it was sticker autograph, so I traded it away, hoping to find another Mattingly autograph for my collection. This was another card included in the trade for my Chipper Jones button, and I'm definitely happy with what I got! The Mattingly will definitely be headed to Beckett, and depending on how many cards I send, the Smoltz may also be getting graded sometime soon.
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