Friday, October 2, 2015

An Amazing 2015 Yankee Season

Who expected the Yankees to finish with an above .500 winning percentage? Who expected the Yankees to make the postseason? Nobody. The Yankees had a bunch of old, over-payed players, like A-Rod, Teixeira, McCann, Ellsbury, Gardner, Beltran... Being above .500 by the end of the year, would be tough for the Yankees.
Mark Teixeira - Was having a tremendous season, and having one of the best of his career. He was key to the Yankees success, playing a stellar first base, and hitting home runs both sides of the plate. Until he went down, fouling a ball off of his leg. After hearing that Tex wouldn't return until 2016, Greg Bird was going to have to step it up.

Greg Bird- Has hit 11 home runs, in about 150 at bats, in his short time in the majors. The most impressive aspect, is that he's playing in a pennant race, and has come up with multiple big hits. Who's Mark Teixeira?

Dustin Ackley - The Yankees traded for Ackley at the deadline, and he has been more then the Yankees asked for. Hitting over .300 as a Yankee, with multiple home runs, and multiple pinch hits. He has shown that he can be clutch!

Carlos Beltran - Had a dreadful April, but since the beginning of May, he has been like his old self, hitting home runs, and hitting for a high average, while coming up with some huge hits, one of them being the three run home run in Toronto. He carried the team in August.

Brian McCann - After having a rough 2014, McCann has had a career high in home runs, and has been a leader for the Yankees all year long. The average isn't there, but driving in runs is what McCann does. He's one of the best catchers in baseball!

Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner - The table setters for the Yankees, during the first half, they were the most important players for the Yankees. They got on base, and A-Rod, Tex, and McCann would do their job, to get them in. As of late, Gardner has been struggling, and he definitely needs to get it going before the postseason

Alex Rodriguez - Who expected Alex to have a year like he has been having? 30+ homers, 80+ RBI's, and an asset to the Yankees lineup. With him, right in front of Gardner and Ellsbury, and Tex and McCann in front of him, he has made the lineup that more dangerous.

Chris Young - Has destroyed lefties this year, but has really struggled against lefties.

John Ryan Murphy - The little guy, the backup catcher! He has had a few big hits for the Yankees, while an average of over .280, which is very impressive for a backup catcher that doesn't play that often.

Slade Heathcott - One big home run against the Rays...

Masahiro Tanaka - Injury prone, but has come up big for the Yankees in the past month. His last outing was a little shaky, but his next start will most likely be on Tuesday... The wild card game!

CC Sabathia - Had an awful first 7 months of the season, but has shown that he still has it, and will most likely be in the rotation in the post season, if the Yankees go further then the wild card.

Nathan Eovladi - Struggled in the beginning of the season, but after his one awful start against Miami, he really turned it on. Unfortunately, he ended up going on the DL, which was a huge loss for the Yankees

Luis Severino - Got called up in August, and has been absolutely outstanding for the Yankees, pitching to an under three ERA.

Chris Capuano - No...

Adam Warren - Was the Yankees most consistent starter in the beginning of the season, but eventually, he moved to the bullpen, where he was even more effective. He's able to pitch multiple innings, and as a starter, he will always give the Yankees a chance to win.

Ivan Nova - Came back from tommy john surgery in the middle of the season, and struggled as soon as he came off the DL, but seems to have found it, after the solid start against the Blue Jays.

Michael Pineda - Has had an up and down season, but for the most part, it has been a down season for Pineda.

Dellin Betances - Has been absolutely lights out for the Yankees in the 8th inning, and for part of the season, the 9th inning. He has, "struggled," as of late, walking over 6 batters in his last few outings, but he still has not given up many runs.

Andrew Miller - The Yankees not signing David Robinson, and signing Andrew Miller, has made Brian Cashman look like a genius. Miller has been stellar for the Yankees, in the 9th inning.

Chasen Shreve - Had a great first half, but in the past month, he has really been struggling, and can't seem to find what he had in the beginning of the season.

Justin Wilson - Has been reliable in the 7th inning, and has been very consistent throughout the season. He can get righties out, just as well as he can get lefties out.

The Yankees have a team, have all around, played very well throughout the season. Even though they have struggled as of late, they clinched yesterday, and will be playing a day-night doubleheader tomorrow. Hopefully they're fired up after clinching yesterday, and can win one game, so they can play the wild card game at home! I don't think anybody expected this from the Yankees, and hopefully they can pull through, and accelerate through the postseason! If everything holds up, then I'm looking forward to going to the wild card game at Yankee Stadium!

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  1. Nice write-up, it has definitely been a better season than I had anticipated!