Sunday, June 21, 2015

Thank You All

I started this blog back in September, because I had no choice. My language arts teachers made all her students start a blog, and we had a to have a certain number of posts for each month. When I first made a post in September, I had no idea that my topic would go from writing about baseball, to baseball cards. Of course I still like to write about baseball, but now it's mostly about baseball cards, with an occasional random post. The first baseball card blog I saw, was Drew's Cards. I don't really remember how I found it, but he was the first blog I started following. Then came Nick, at Dime Boxes, and then Dodger Penguin, and so on. Before I started the 2014 school year, I had no intention of starting my own blog, but I loved to write, and I loved baseball. In the 10 months of owning my blog, I've had a blast meeting and talking to all of the wonderful people on here. I've really enjoyed writing almost every day, and hearing responses. In November, when I had my surgery, I spent most of my time off from school watching baseball, and blogging, with my two pets, Monster Truck, and Corona. Without blogging, I'm not really sure what I would have done to occupy my time. 

I've really enjoyed my 10 months on the blogosphere so far, and I look forward to many more years! 

The dog is Corona, and she's a pug. The cat is Monster Truck, and he's (obviously) a cat.

It looks like it was snowing that day. 

Thank you all for making my time on the blogosphere amazing! A special thank you to Drew, William, and Matthew for helping me out in my short time on here. I met Drew back in January, and he helped me out with the details on an autograph signing, William was extremely kind and sent me a Buck Showalter signed baseball without any notification (That made my day), and Matthew has helped me out with my BGS submissions. Thank you to those three, and everyone who has read my blog! I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I've really enjoyed my time on here, and look forward to many more years! 
Thank you for reading! 


  1. Congrats on your time here in the blogosphere. You are more than welcome for the help as we all help each other out. Thank you for the past trades and the future ones as well. Its been fun and hopefully you will be on here for years to come like your plan is. Maybe our teams will meet in the World Series this year and then we will really have some fun talking.

  2. Any time, man. I continue to look forward to the National. Glad you're here and I hope you stick around for a long time.

  3. Posts with dogs... straight up rule. Very cool pug. I'm sure Monster Truck is awesome too... but unfortunately I'm allergic to cats. Here's to 10 more great months!

    By the way... loved the Scherzer! I'll be writing up a thank you post tonight.

  4. I've enjoyed getting to know you Frankie, it's been a lot of fun thus far and I'm looking forward to more!