Friday, June 12, 2015

Sixth Card Of My First BGS Submission - Mariano Rivera

Probably my favorite card in my collection, this was the reason why I was going to do the submission. Then 1 turned into 2. Then 3. Then 16. The autograph is flawless, and I'm thinking this card is going to get a 9/10. The corners aren't the best, but that may just be me. Hopefully this card can pull off a 9.5/10 

I wasn't getting my hopes up on this card, mainly because the corners aren't the best, and I was expecting a 9/10, and most likely not a 9.5/10. The card is beautiful, and I was just sending it in so I could get it incased, and had to intention on selling this card. I originally got this card from a box of 2015 Topps Museum Collection, and this was the very last card of the break. I remember seeing the Yankees hat, and immediately thought of the one Yankee that's in every product, which is Mike Mussina. Nope! 

Rivera has one of the best looking signatures, and this is the 4th I have of his: One on a ball, one on a jersey, and one on a game used pitching rubber. The numbering on the card is 17/25, and if you add those two numbers, you get 42 which is another interesting fact about this card.

The only grade that didn't earn a great grade was the corners, which as I said before, didn't look the best. If the corners earned a 9.5 or 10, than this card would have gotten an overall 9.5/10, but I definitely can't complain! Besides, this is the last 9 of the submission, so it's only 9.5's, and 10's from here on!
Thank you for reading!

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