Friday, July 3, 2015

Reacquiring A Card From Matthew

A few days ago, Matthew and I, made yet another trade. Mr. Dodger Penguin got my Tony Gwynn strata a few months ago, which I was sad to see go, but I liked what I was getting in return, so I went on with the trade. I immediately regretted getting rid of the Strata, and just about a week ago, I contacted him about making a trade. I didn't contact him about making a trade about the Gwynn though, it was originally about making a trade for the Kris Bryant redemption that I pulled. That trade never got made, so we eventually came up with a deal that we both liked.
Before I get to the main card of the deal, I'll get to the extras that Matthew was kind enough to throw in. The first one was a Bowman chrome card of Masahiro Tanaka, who took the mound for the Yankees tonight. I have a bunch of these, but it's never a bad thing to have more than one!

The next card that Matthew threw in, was this Carlos Correa 2013 Bowman chrome card. Correa is easily one of the best rookies in the MLB as of now, and should get 2015 American League Rookie Of The Year. Now onto the main card of the trade:

Finally, it's back in my collection! The picture doesn't do this card justice, but it's beautiful looking in person. The only problem that I have with strata cards, is Beckett doesn't grade them, but either way, it's an amazing looking card. Except it doesn't look very good in a magnetic...

So I took it out just for the picture, and put it on a stand. The card is absolutely amazing looking, and it is definitely on my list to be graded, if Beckett starts accepting strata autographs (which I hope they do sometime soon).
Thank you for the trade Matthew! 

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