Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fourth Card Of My First BGS Submission - Chipper Jones

I usually wouldn't grade a relic card, but it's a button, how could I not grade it? The corners actually look great, considering it's so thick, and it came from a product from 2008. I would be happy with a 9, but a gold label is always great! Maybe, just maybe, I could get a 9.5 on this card. Hopefully! 

Well, I got what I wanted, and I can't complain! I wouldn't have been upset with an 8.5, and I was pretty sure that this card wasn't earning a 9.5 anytime soon, so I'm happy with a 9! I originally wouldn't grade a relic card, since it's sort of pointless (at least in my mind) to grade a relic card, but how could I not grade a button card of a potential future Hall Of Famer? Chipper never reached 3,000 hits, OR 500 home runs, but he came extremely close to both milestones. I think he should definitely be in the Hall Of Fame considering he was such a great all around player. In 2017, I'm really hoping he can find his way to Cooperstown, because he definitely deserves it! 

The design of the card is beautiful, and it's numbered only out of 5. If I still have this card in 2017, I'll be even happier if he makes the Hall Of Fame, so I can add it to my HOF collection! 

I had to get a closeup on the button. 

As you can see here, the centering earned a 10, and than it's 0.5 off of each grade from there, earning an overall 9. Like I said many times before, I'm very happy with the grade, considering it's such a thick card.
Thank you for reading! 


  1. I got out of the collecting relic cards (unless it has an on card autograph) but a button is unique and looks better in a case. Congrats