Friday, June 12, 2015

Fifth Card Of The BGS Submission - Byron Buxton

I just got this card today, and It's great since I'm already sending cards to BGS, I might as well throw this one in too! The autograph is flawless, and the edges and corners look pretty good to me. I have no idea about the centering, and I haven't checked out the surface, and won't be checking the surface since I don't want to take the card out of the top loader. 9.5/10 Would be great on this card! 

I was really hoping for a 9.5/10 on this card. How did I get this card? I spent $200 on a box of 2015 Topps Museum Collection that I got at the usual hobby shop that I go to. I usually have great luck at the shop, and the first pack that I opened, I got this awesome card:

I regret getting rid of this card every second I think about the next chrome autograph that I'll be showing you... I loved this card, and it was by far the best pack pulled card I have ever gotten, and what did I do with it? I Traded it for $150 and a Byron Buxton 2013 Bowman Chrome autograph. My plan was to grade the Buxton, use the money that I got to grade some other cards along with it (which I did), and sell the Buxton when it came back a 9.5/10. Oh well.

As you can tell by the picture, it grade a BGS 9/10, but it only missed a 9.5/10 by 0.5! That's really disappointing, and I think I'm just going to hold onto this card until he gets called up, and sell it, or wait and see if he does well in the majors. If I were to sell the card, I could easily get $150 for it, but I hate dealing with all the eBay fees. 

So close to a 9.5... Darn! 
Thank you for reading!

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  1. My suggestion for you and any card that is .5 from gem take it to the National and see BGS and try to get a bump. Getting a 1pt bump is not gonna happen but .5 happens alot. I will be doing the same with some of mine. Only grade that is iffy to bump is centering as that really isnt subjective.
    Just my two cents