Monday, June 15, 2015

Eighth Card Of My First BGS Submission - Quad Patch

I pulled this card from a box of 2015 Museum Collection, and it looks flawless. Okay, maybe not flawless, but good enough to earn a 9.5. Let's hope for a 9.5 on this card! 

I normally wouldn't grade a relic card, but just like the Chipper Jones button, this card is awesome. It features Stanton, Trout, McCutchen, and Donaldson, all on one card, with patches, from a great looking set. Not to mention, it's numbered only out of 75. 
I pulled this card out of one of my two boxes of 2015 Topps Museum Collection, and I don't really think I could have asked for a better quad relic. I love Andrew McCutchen as a player, but haven't picked up any of his autographs, so I guess I'll just have to settle for this quad patch. Stanton speaks for himself, and the only reason I like Donaldson is because he seems like such a nice guy, plus he collects baseball cards. I like Trout as a player, but I can't stand listening to people talk about how amazing he is. To me, Mike Trout is just your everyday great center fielder. Anthony Rizzo, Paul Goldschmidt, and Giancarlo Stanton are all just as good, if not better, than Mike Trout. So what's the difference? MIKE TROUT PLAYS FOR A BETTER TEAM!!! Maybe, I'll save that for another post...

As you can see here, everything but the corners earned a 9.5 or above, which I sort of expected since it's such a thick card. Like I said a month ago when I wrote my predictions, I was hoping for a 9.5, and that's just what I got! 
Thank you for reading!