Saturday, June 6, 2015

Part 1 Of My BGS Submission - Reggie Jackson Autograph

This was the one Reggie Jackson autograph that I was going to grade, since It's in much better condition then the Topps Tier one autograph. I'm expecting a 9.5/10, mostly because the corners and edges look good, and the autograph is clean for the most part. It has a tiny tiny tiny smudge at the beginning of the "J," but I don't think that will affect the autograph grade.

Wow, it's felt like forever since I submitted my 16 cards to Beckett for grading. I was originally going to put the Biggio strata first since it couldn't be graded because of it's thickness. I couldn't really think of anything to write about it, so I decided to just forget about it. I was very happy with all my grades, since only one card got an 8.5, a few 9's, and the rest 9.5's and 10's which was awesome. Before I get into anything, I want to thank Dodger Penguin for helping me with my first submission. He really helped me out! 

Now onto the cards. As you can see by what I wrote about this card a month ago, I was expecting a 9.5/10. Boy was I wrong about that! I'm a little shocked about the grading on this card, and although I don't really mind having one 8.5/10, this was probably my, "least disappointing," bad grade. The other cards certainly make up for it though! 

Taking pictures of the cards was a little hard because of the glare, but I don't think I did too bad with this picture. The card looks great in the case regardless of the bad grade. 

You can see here that the centering earned a 10, but the corners and edges really brought the overall grade down. If it weren't for those two sub-grades, then the overall grade probably would have been much better. The other Reggie definitely makes up for the fact that this card got a 8.5. 

Just another picture if the other one wasn't good enough. I'm going to keep mentioning it, but I'm more than pleased with the results of the submission, and in my mind, it was definitely worth it. I don't have to worry about my cards being damaged, and it'll go well for a little project I'm working on.
Thank you for reading, and look out for the next 14 parts! 


  1. Bummer on the grade, but sounds like you've got some great ones to come!

  2. You are always welcome for the help.
    Great start on the results. Knowing what is coming I cant wait to see the write ups.
    I just did another 18 batch and will have results in 2 weeks.
    Congrats again