Thursday, June 4, 2015

Use The Power Luke...

Baseball was all about home runs back in the 90's, but since then, the amount of home runs being hit has come down. Mark McGwire isn't around so he can't 70 home runs, Jose Canseco can't hit 40 home runs, and Barry Bonds and his 762 home runs aren't around anymore. Last year, Nelson Cruz led the majors with 40 home runs, which doesn't even come close to 70. Of course, that was only one year, and there are still many players with a ton of power. Giancarlo Stanton is still very young, and already has over 150 homers. The Astros have a ton of young players that can hit the ball out of the park such as...
George Springer is still only 25 years old, and even though this is only his second year in the majors, he hit 20 home runs in only 78 games last year, and 2014 was his first year playing with a major league team! That leads him to about 40 home runs in a season, and eventually when he gets a little older, he will have already learned how to hit for average while still hitting over 40 home runs. Springer will definitely be a fun player to watch once he gets a little older, and will be hitting 50 home runs a season. 

Prince Fielder leads the majors with 75 hits, but 10 of those hits have gone for home runs. Back when he was with the Brewers, he was a true power hitter, hitting as many as 50 home runs in a season. He still hits home runs now, but not as many as back when he was with the Brewers.

Adrian Gonzalez never lead the league in home runs, but he has always been extremely consistent when it comes to hitting home runs. 30 home runs in a season isn't bad at all, especially when you can invite a high average to the party. Even at 33 years old, Gonzalez can still get it done! 
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