Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Third Card Of My First BGS Submission - Paul O'Neil

Five star has always had corner issues, but this card looks pretty good. Not worthy of a 9.5, but I think this card will get a 9/10. I'm really hoping this card gets a gold label though! 

When I first came up with the idea of sending some of my favorite cards to Beckett for grading, my immediate thought was to send one of my O'Neil autographs, since he is my favorite player (and announcers, of course). 2013 Five Star has always been one of my favorite sets, since all the autographs are on card, and the cards look really sharp. Even though some of the cards are extremely high numbered, I still really enjoy collecting autographs of some of my favorite players from the Five Star set. So far, I've managed to get 3 O'Neil autographs in my collection, one of them being this Five Star autograph:

It graded a BGS 9/10, and I'm actually really happy with the grade since all the other graded five star cards are a 9, so this will definitely fit in perfectly with the others! Five Star looks great, but it looks even better when it's incased, especially with a 9 on the front, and a 10 on the back.
As you can see here, the centering earned a 10, the edges managed a 9.5, the surface scored a 9, and the corners got an 8.5. I expected a low grade on the corners, and like I said a month ago, I was expecting a 9/10, so this card is all that I wanted! 
Thank you for reading!