Monday, November 24, 2014

Tulo In New York?

This is something Yankees fans could either dread, or scream about. In a good way.

I (personally) would love if he came to New York, although he couldn't wear number 2. He would be taking the place of someone he wore his number after, and be filling the shoes of one of the best shortstops to ever play Baseball, which isn't always easy.

Tulowitzki wouldn't be easy to a acquire. The Rockies may ask for some of the young guys the Yankees have: Greg Bird, Gary Sanchez, J.R. Murphy, and Dellin Betances, even though he's 26.

Tulo get's hurt a lot, and his amount of home runs, and maybe even average, would probably go down because of Coors Field. I'm not saying they will, but that's just my opinion.

If Troy DID go to the Yankees, then he would be probably be the #3 hitter behind McCann. The Yankees line up (as of now) would look something like this:

-Jacoby Ellsbury OF
-Chase Headly 3B
-Troy Tulowitzki SS
-Brian McCann C
-Mark Teixeria 1B
-Carlos Beltran DH
-Brett Gardner OF
-Jose Pirela or Martin Prado 2B
-Ichiro Suzuki OF

The top of the order seems pretty good, but then you go into the middle, and it looks pretty bad. 7,5,6 also seems really good; all .270+ hitters.

No I didn't forget about A-fraud (or whatever you call him nowadays) but I DO NOT want to see him in the lineup in 2015. Of course Cashman already said he will start at 3B, but maybe somebody will throw at him and he'll get hurt. I can dream.

The Yankees are going to make some (more) big moves this winter, maybe Scherzer, or Lester, or Miller... So there will be some better players in the lineup. I hate Beltran, Teixeria, and McCann, so seeing some new faces will be a nice change.

Nope, nobody's gonna notice this one. No way. He deserved the out he got himself.

He deserved this one too. 

Tulo doesn't like it either...

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