Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Trip To Florida/Disney

Part 1

It's Really late and I'm trying to find something to do while I'm doing nothing if that makes any sense. So I am going to write about my Disney trip which, so far, has been pretty much good, but bad at some times as most of my trips are.

On the first day (not at Disney) my parents, brother, and his girlfriend, walked around Jacksonville because that's where my brother and his girlfriend live. Okay that was day one.

On the second day, We all went to Epcot for the food and wine festival which my brother (Marc) loved. I didn't enjoy it as much, but it still was fun. We also went on Test Track, and a couple other rides which was a lot better than the festival. 

When we all went to "Japan" in Epcot, Marc showed me some really bad (snacks?) that he gave to his friends at work. They hated it. I had to get these CRAB SNACKS which was a horrible idea because my brother dared me to try some... So I did. They taste AWFUL and like dry dog food or my dogs birthday cake that I ate. Don't ask. Even my brother who eats everything even hated them. Then my brothers girlfriend gave them to this random person she saw and took it right away, but had to take my drink that I had to wash it down.
This is what they looked like. the worst part is they were dry and crunchy and had no seasoning.
I'm never trying these ever again unless somebody pays me good money.

I won't mention something that happened to me in the parking lot... It's sorta embarrassing...

Tonight (It's the fifth day or is it night, maybe it's the sixth day because it's really early I don't know) on the way back from magic Kingdom, the car got a flat tire... then some other stuff happened that I won't mention.

Let's just say the car that we were/are driving has two broken seat belts and a flat tire...

Happy Thursday!

Maybe Friday... It depends...

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