Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thurman Munson autographed book

No, It's not mine, although I wish it was.

I was watching some classic Yankees games, (2003 ALCS, 2001 World Series, 1996 World Series, 1976 ALCS) and it was a lot of fun. I thought of Munson, so I shopped around ebay, and came across this.

 It was currently at a $100 bid with about a day left and I wanted to pull the trigger on it, but there always is that chance that it's going to be fake, or something else, so I didn't, even though the description said it came with an authentication.

Well, it ended at $150, and I was REALLY disappointed that I didn't put a bid on it, because I would have put it at $200. Now i'm thinking back, and wondering if that was the right choice.

I try NOT and think about that too much, but I did get a box of 2014 bowman chrome that I will be posting tomorrow!

Also, I have wanted to send out some TTM cards, but don't know who to send to. Any suggestions? Thank You!

Happy Saturday!

Well, now it's Sunday...

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