Sunday, November 23, 2014

2014 Bowman Chrome + Grab Bag

The box wasn't too bad, overall, it was a lot of fun. 

Jacoby is only 22 years old, but has some serious power, hitting 23 home runs for West Virginia. On top of that he also stole 17 bases and had a batting average of .288. 

I'm not too familiar with Guerrero. The Rookie autographs are 1 / 1835 packs or 1 / 102 boxes, so that makes me feel a little better! He's 27 and batted 0.077 in 11 games... I changed my mind.

This is what Topps calls a carbon fiber refractor. I think Topps has gone a little overboard with the all the different refractor colors. For now, they should just stick with actually colors.

Former Yankee, you can't go wrong with A.J.

...Except for his 5.26 ERA with the Yankees in 2010...

...And his 18 losses in 2014...
2014 AL ROY


And of course, a box isn't complete without all the inserts. The Kris Bryant is a pretty nice card, but the fire die cut is probably the worst insert Topps has tried to make. 

Now onto the $5 grab bag I got so I could have some fun looking through and get some cards for TTM.

I only put up scans of the more notable cards, but there were a ton of other cards that I'm not going to put up because it would take way too long.

Everything is for trade except the Jacoby Jones chrome and the Don Mattingly mini. Overall, the grab bag was a lot of fun, and I got some nice cards!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Id gladly take that Guerrero off your hands
    = )

    1. If you have any Yankees for trade, then I would gladly give you the code! Email is always best