Saturday, November 8, 2014

My Trip To Disney/Florida

Part 2

      Life is good as usual, and school is about to start again for me tomorrow. 

I'm not so fond of writing about non sports topics, so I'm going to try and get this over with quick. Bare with me.

I'm going to skip to the fifth day when I went to Magic Kingdom.

I did pretty much all the "smaller rides" in the afternoon because I'm not the person that would wait an hour to go on a 3 minute ride. Not happening. So at night the lines were nothing and I went on my all time favorite ride, Splash Mountain about 5 times that day which was pretty awesome. Then Space Mountain (I know why does everything have to be a mountain) a bunch of times. The park closed at 11:00 PM so I stayed until the very end.

My parents were really tired that night, and I even offered to drive, but they said they were fine. My dad made a sharp turn and drove right over a pot hole and the tire popped. Then he was worried about the tire and wasn't paying attention and drove onto the grass. When we got back to the Wilderness Lodge, my dad sorta fixed the problem, but not really.

He had to finish it in the morning.

On the last day, we went to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood studios. Nothing too spectacular so I'm going to skip to the end.

We got home, and now I'm in Syracuse. I'm leaving tomorrow.

I have to say writing this was pretty boring and I probably won't write about anything like this again.

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