Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More For Trade

I've finally gotten the time get my new printer working so I finally found out how to work it. Here are some more cards that I have up for trade that I didn't put up before. I haven't had a whole lot of time to trade and all that because I just got back from the hospital Sunday. I pretty much sit all day. 

This is what I am looking for in return:

-ANY Yankees

-Core Four

-Nolan Arenado

-Clayton Kershaw 

-Christian Yelich

-Reggie Jackson 


HOF pitcher for the Indians 

Now with another team, no need for this card.


The Hanley Ramirez is /99 and Matt Harvey is short printed



This is a pretty cool card, but I am only looking for 

A really cool 1/1 Magenta printing plate of Travis D'arnaud. I am not a huge fan of D'arnaud, even though he should become a pretty good catcher.

These are all from the 2013 Bowman mini set







I love the look of this card, and Xander Bogaerts will be an outstanding SS, but I'd much rather have some cards of players I actually collect.








Please contact me at:

to work out a trade!

Thank You!

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