Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tony Gwynn Redemption From Topps

I have been dying to get this card in from Topps. I redeemed it about a month ago and Topps came through pretty quickly. It's probably one of my favorite cards in my collection, and by far the best looking. The strata cards are probably one of the best autograph "inserts" that Topps has ever made. I (personally) think they look just as good as me. No, wait, what am I talking about. That's all a lie. But seriously, I need to get some more strata autographs in my collection.


 I had to make the picture extra large because it's so beautiful. Don't get me wrong, it looks A LOT better in person. The scan is kinda blurry, but the patch in the right corner is pretty awesome, and if you look close enough, it goes into the corner of the card. It looks like it's from the logo on his jersey, but I could very well be wrong. Please let me know what you think it's from!

I did see a similar one to mine, but (personally) I like mine better

Yes, It covers the whole card (and it's a better picture) but it's just from a regular old letter on his jersey. It's still an awesome card, but (personally) I like mine better.

Here's a slightly better scan of mine

Happy Tuesday and thank you Topps!

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