Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bo Knows The National

Before The National even started, I made a deal for this awesome Bo Jackson sweet spot autograph /125. I got this from Jake on Instagram for $50, and a Sean Newcomb bowman chrome autograph. I immediately took the deal, because I had the other Bo Jackson five star autograph that I could sell there, to help with this Jackson that I purchased. I love sweet spot, and it's definitely one of my favorite products. I also like how Jackson's signature is much more written out, compared to the 2013 Five Star autograph that I had earlier.

I'm definitely happy with my first purchase, and I'm hoping that Beckett will grade this, because I haven't seen any graded sweet spot autograph out there. If Beckett does accept this, then it'll be going to Dodger Penguin in September for grading. Thank you to Jake for this deal!
Thank you for reading!

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