Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Quick Post On Nice Card.

Most of my collection is focused around Hall Of Fame autographs, but every now and then, I'll venture out, and acquire a few older relics. In my opinion, Bert Blyleven should not be on in the Hall Of Fame, just because he lingered around on the ballot for a few years, and then finally made it. His case is similar to Lee Smith's, but I do not think that Smith will make the Hall. Heres the card:

I picked this card up for $20, from a dealer that goes to the White Plains shows in New York. They always have a lot of Yankees stuff, and a larger post will be coming up soon on that. I love sweet spot classics, and in my opinion, it's one of the best products out there, if not the best. The other product that I compare to sweet spot, is tools of the trade, which is also one of my favorites. There was no way I could turn down a patch of a Hall Of Famer for $20 from my favorite product.
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  1. You're right, he shouldn't be in because he lingered on the ballot; he should be in because he had 60 career shutouts (9th all-time), finished his career as with the 5th most strikeouts of all time, and anchored the staff of two unlikely World Series Champions in 1979 and 1987.
    Blyleven's stats are very similar to guys like Phil Niekro, Don Sutton, Ferguson Jenkins, etc. 300 Wins is a nice round number, and Bert was 13 wins short of that, but he was among the very best pitchers of the 1970s and remained consistent and reliable in the 1980s.

  2. I do second Brian. At first glance, I don't see Blyleven as a Hall of Famer, but after really looking into it he is very comparable to several other pitchers. Should all of them be in the Hall? I say all or none. Because they are, he certainly needs to be in as well. Nice card buddy.. was it Rich and Hunter you bought from? They're two of my favorites at the White Plains shows

  3. Grats, nice card ! The flying dutchman !!