Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hop On The Griffey Train!

Last year, I bought a single pack of 2013 Panini USA Champions, because I got a box of cards, and wanted to get the free shipping, so I had to spend $1 more. So for a about $1.80, I got a pack of 2013 Panini USA Champions, and I pulled an awesome Ken Griffey Jr autograph /100, which I eventually traded away for a bunch of low-end cards. I'm still questioning as to why I would do that... Anyways, I later traded for another Griffey autograph, which was from 2006 Upper Deck Ovation, and I, yet again, traded it away for a bunch of low-end cards. Yeah, I made some pretty dumb deals back when I didn't know much about cards, and I didn't have a blog. One of my main goals at The National was to acquire a Ken Griffey Jr autograph, that wasn't expensive. I found a bunch of awesome Griffey's, but they were either too expensive, or they didn't look good. After hunting for a day, on the second day, I spotted a nice Griffey, that wasn't a sticker, was numbered, and was from Upper Deck. Score!

I bought this for only $60, and I found a nice Rivera patch /10 (which you will see later on), so I bundled those together and got a nice deal for the both of them. I was/am really happy with the purchase, and I'm happy to welcome yet another Griffey into my collection. This card, along with most of the cards that I got at The National, will be headed to Beckett for grading in September. Hopefully I can sell off some of my legos, and make some money so I can send a few cards... It's not technically an on card autograph, but it seems like it's on a piece of paper or something like that, with a small indent in the card. Hopefully this one won't be going anywhere!
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