Saturday, August 1, 2015

Inception + Cash = Jackie Robinson

My main focus was Hall Of Fame autographs, but I decided to break a box of inception, and I ended up with a Buxton redemption, and a few other top prospects. What am I going to do with that? I ended up finding someone that had something that I liked, was interested in the 5 cards that I got from my break, and that went to the card shows that I usually go to every few months or so. The price on the card that I was interested in was fair, so I decided to add some cash to the 5 inception cards, to land me this awesome quad relic of:

Jackie Robinson! This was not on my list, but I have always wanted to acquire a Robinson relic card. I would rather have a Robinson relic over a Ruth relic (and that's coming from a Yankees fan), but that's just me. All the history behind Jackie Robinson is amazing, and what he had to go through just to play the game he loved is in a way fascinating, but depressing. He may not be stronger than Ruth, but he definitely had the guts to play in the major leagues, when no other . He is definitely one of the most historic players in baseball history, and it's so cool to own something of his. It's numbered only /25, and this card will most likely be going to Beckett with Dodger Penguin in September! 
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