Tuesday, August 18, 2015

One Can Not Have Enough Arenado

 I'm a huge, Nolan Arenado fan, and every time I get the chance, I'll buy myself another Arenado autograph. Prior to The National, I had 9 Nolan Arenado autographs, all of them being on a card, and one of my main goals at The National was to buy as many Arenado autographs as I possibly could. I barely saw any, but I did spot these two for decent prices:

I found this at a table with a bunch of high end cards, but I asked for a price anyway. He said $25, and I eventually talked him down to $20. This is Arenado's first autograph, so I definitely couldn't leave that table without that card. 

The other card was this 2013 Topps Chrome black refractor autograph redemption. He was asking $50, which seemed fair, but I asked if he could do $40. He asked if I could do $45 on the card, which I happily agreed to, payed him, and got the card. I still have to redeem it, but It's already scratched off. Hopefully Topps can get this to me, and not take two years! Topps has actually gotten much better with their redemption program, and the past few redemptions that I have entered have all come within two weeks. I'm happy to add my 11th Nolan Arenado autograph to my collection!
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  1. Nice cards, buddy. Glad you were able to find some that you needed.