Friday, July 31, 2015

Getting To The National!

I went to the National Sports Collectors Convention last year in Cleveland, but I was just with my parents (no offense to them). This year, I met with William and Andrew, along with a few other kids my age. But I'l get to that later, and focus on the first day of the National. The night before I was all packed and ready, and when I finally got into bed, I just stared at my ceiling for a few minutes, daydreaming about The National, and then I finally closed my eyes. Great, now I can wake up knowing I'm just hours away from The National! About an hour passed by, and I still found myself awake thinking the same thought, just hoping I could get some sleep. Waking up was the easy part; I got up, got ready, and my dad drove my mom and I to the airport. It took barely any time to check in our suitcases, and go through security and all that fun stuff, and before I knew it I was on the plane listening to Billy Joel with my Bose headphones on. I was exhausted from only getting a few hours of sleep the night before (we had to wake up at 5:00), so again, I tried to sleep on the plane. Well... That didn't really work out. Two hours later, we landed In Chicago at around 9:06, and we were waiting for the shuttle to take us to our hotel. It took about a half hour for it to come, but we dropped our stuff off at the hotel once we got there, I grabbed my backpack, within a few minutes, the shuttle dropped us off at the convention center. Finally! I felt like a little kid waiting to get into the worlds largest candy store with $100,000 to spend. 

Ah, the National Sports Collectors Convention... Now onto the first few cards I got.

One of the first cards I acquired, was this awesome Joe DiMaggio 2015 Topps tier one jersey relic /99. I saw it, and immediately asked what his price on it was, expecting it to be around $60. As soon as I heard the word $30, I whipped my wallet, and gave him the $30. I'm really stoked about getting this card, especially for the price. You can't beat $30!

William actually pointed this card out for me, which was on a $10 table. It took me a minute to decide, but I think $10 was well spent on this card, especially with it being from Topps Tribute, and of one of the best mangers of all time. It was unfortunate his life had to end the way it did. I'm really happy with what I got, and make sure to be on the lookout for many more posts to come!
Thank you for reading!

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  1. Good choice with Billy Joel! Keep it up Frankie, you guys are all on a roll!