Sunday, May 17, 2015

Shelby Miller Came THIS Close

When I know that a pitcher is throwing a no hitter, whether it's for the Mariners, Astros, Braves or even Red Sox, I want it to happen! Well, maybe not the Red Sox, but you get the point. So many pitchers have come SO close to no hitters or perfect games including Yu Darvish, Almando Galarraga, and now Shelby Miller becomes part of that group. Of course they're many other pitchers that have come within one out of a no hitter or perfect game, but those are some of the pitchers in my time of watching baseball. I always feel so bad for a pitcher when he loses a no hitter. I really want to see Yu Darvish pitch a no no, since he's lost a few in the 9th, and now I really want Shelby Miller to throw a no hitter. Miller has been outstanding in 2015, and I hope he continues to have such great success! 

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