Thursday, May 7, 2015

How The Yankees Are Doing Player By Player - CC Sabathia

Do I really have to talk about Sabathia? Yes I do, but I'll keep it sweet and short. I actually thought that Sabathia would do okay this year, but so far I'm wrong. Right now he's 0-5, which is pretty bad, and like a member on the sports card forum said, "CC Sucks!" He only speaks the truth though, and he is definitely right! Right now, I'm sort of thinking that their may be someone worse than Carlos Beltran... How is that even possible? 

I got this card in an awful trade, where I lost my Kershaw five star autograph, Pettitte five star autograph, and a few other of my favorite cards. What did I get in return? A bunch of fake autographs. At least I learned never to buy autographs that aren't certified, and to never trust that person. The card is extremely low #ed, being #ed 385/1995! (Sarcasm).

I remember buying this card last year at a card show about 45 minutes away from me. I ended up spending quite a bit there, but I did get some good deals. One of them being this CC Sabathia 2013 Five Star jumbo jersey relic /35. I like the old Sabathia from 2012 better, when the Yankees made it to the playoffs, and when Raul Ibanez put on a nice little show for all the Yankees fans...
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  1. I have too much respect for CC to give up on him. I know he doesn't seem to have much left in the tank, and that he's being overpaid, but I won't forget the great seasons and playoff performances he's said thus far. I still believe he's got enough left to be a serviceable #5 pitcher, I'm looking forward to his contract being up, but I'll be a fan of his to the end.