Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kris Bryant

Prior to April of this year, Kris Bryant was being talked about by every baseball fan. He seemed to hit a home run everyday in spring training, and when the Cubs optioned him to AAA in spring training, it was like the world was going to end. After a few weeks in AAA, the Cubs finally brought up the hottest player on the planet, and his major league debut is was everyone was talking about. In his debut, he batted 4th, and went 0-4 with 3 strikeouts in his first 3 at bats. That was definitely not what Cubs fans, let alone baseball fans, were expecting! But the very next day, Kris Bryant shook off his first day in the big leagues, and got his first major league hit. We all know what happens next: 7 home runs, a .282 batting average, and a .395 on base percentage. The amount of walks is what surprised me most, with 25 on the season. Kris Bryant is supposed to be a power hitter, but he has also been extremely patient at the plate. 

Since his debut in April, Bryant's cards have skyrocketed (even more then expensive then they were before). I have still yet to pick up a Bryant autograph, and I don't think I will be anytime soon considering that they're so expensive and I believe they'll come down in price a lot after the season is over and he's signed for every Topps product. I'm just happy to have some paper base from Bowman! 
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  1. I still find it amazing that Harper is younger than Bryant. You are right about Bryant being patient. He is very advanced for his age.