Saturday, May 30, 2015

Alexander Guerrero

Alex Guerrero has been amazing for the Dodgers so far in the young season. Guerrero isn't young at all, but he still is a rookie since he only played 11 games last year, and only got 13 plate appearances. He has also gained some ground in the hobby, and his card prices have rocketed up, especially his Bowman chrome autographs. I remember last year in November, I pulled a redemption from 2014 Bowman Chrome for an Alexander Guerrero base autograph. It barely sold for anything back then, so I just gave it to Dodger Penguin... I definitely wish I had kept that card! Now they sell for around $40 for a base autograph. At least I still have this nice autographed parallel /125 from 2014 Topps Finest:

I pulled this card either on November 14th 2014, or November 15th. How do I remember? Because I pulled this card when I was in the hospital recovering from my surgery! I was so tired it was all just sort of passing by very slowly, but cards is never a bad way to brighten your spirits. I was originally going to send this card to Beckett to get graded, but the pile got so big, that I had to remove this card since I was already sending 16 other cards. In fact, I should be getting my results back this Tuesday, which is also the day I'm having minor nail surgery, so that should make things seem a little better. Anyways, it's always fun when you get a card of someone you don't even know, and then a year later they're a candidate for National League rookie of the year! 
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