Friday, April 10, 2015

The Rest Of My Box Of 2015 Museum Collection

The first pack of Museum Collection sort of overshadowed the rest of the box, but the rest wasn't that bad either. It definitely wasn't anything near the first card, but some nice young stars! 

The first of the three parallels, was of Jose Bautista. To be honest, the colored parallels look like Topps Tribute in a way. The green is #ed /199, so I'm guessing this is the highest #ed parallel. 

I was really happy when I pulled this card, since Adrian Beltre is one of my favorite players. He always seems to have fun, and is always smiling! 


In a box, you get one canvas collection card, and mine was of Yasiel Puig. These cards are beautiful!

My first hit after the first pack, was a Momentous Material relic of Xander Bogaerts #ed /35! 

The last relic card of the box, was a quad relic #ed /99 of Felix Hernandez! All 4 swatches are just plain white, but I can't complain! 

My favorite card aside from the Maddux, was a Kolten Wong Archival Autographs autograph. Wong is an up and coming star for the Cardinals, and I can't wait so see him play this year! 

It's hard not to show this off... I posted it on the sports card forum, and someone pointed out that It's probably from an All Star jersey. Thank you for the information! 
Thank you for reading! 

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