Thursday, April 16, 2015

Part 8 - Are. You. Kidding. Me.

Before I say anything else, If you haven't read my other 7 previous posts, then please go and read those before you read this post! This is the last mini box of my 2 boxes of 2015 Topps Museum Collection, and I made 8 separate posts for some reason for each of the 8 mini boxes.

This last mini box of Museum Collection was definitely the best mini box of my 2 boxes. I'm not sure It beats the Maddux, but it comes very close! 

I also pulled this Reggie Jackson blue parallel #ed /99 which is really cool! I'm not a huge fan of having the player that I collect on a new parallel, but nonetheless it's an awesome card! It certainly doesn't beat the next card I pulled...

I saw the Yankees hat, and I got sort of bummed because I thought it was going to be the one Yankee that's in every single product - Mike Mussina! 

I think I was off.

Just a bit. 


Maybe a lot.

Enough stalling. 

Let me show you the card.

When I was to the last base card before the hit, I was expecting a Mussina autograph. 

The card on top slipped right off by accident. 



WOW!!!!!!!! Mariano Rivera Archival Autographs #ed /25!!!! I've never pulled a bigger Yankees hit! I didn't even have to look at the name, because you can tell right away when you see Riveras signature. I'm still in shock by all the amazing cards that I pulled in my 2 boxes of Museum Collection. None of the cards that I pulled are for trade. I'm still not sure what I like better, the Maddux or the Rivera?
Thank you for reading my 8 posts! 

Also, if I haven't mentioned this before, the posts are in chronological order, not in order from worst to greatest. 


  1. Nice autograph, especially for a Yankees collector! Great couple of boxes you got there...

    1. Thank you! Definitely some great boxes, but that's it for me for a while. Too much $$$ spent in a week!

  2. congratulations on the amazing pull! In addition to his legend status, Rivera has one of the nicest looking signatures in the game. Amazing card.

    1. Thank you!

      He sure takes his time signing items!

  3. STOP FRANKIE wow hahaha, that's an unbelievable pull! You're making me a very jealous man... keep it up!

    1. Thank you Drew! The last player to wear 42... A great name to get on Jackie Robinson day! That's probably it for me (for cards at least) Until the National Sports Collectors Convention. Now the question is, which card is better, the Maddux or Rivera???

    2. Maddux is a better card, but I'd take the Rivera all day personally being a Yankee fan. Absolutely beautiful signature on top of it all, while Maddux's leaves much to be desired. Wouldn't complain with either, though!

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