Thursday, April 16, 2015

Part 3 - Case Hit!!!

If you read the title, then you know I hit something big. No, it's not a Hall Of Famer, but it is a case hit of a Marlin who threw a walk off no hitter in 2013! Take a minute or 2 to guess who it is. Okay, now onto the cards:
The copper parallel is my favorite one from Museum Collection, and I think I may try and complete the copper set. Topps chose a great picture of Roberto Clemente! 

Masahiro Tanaka base.

And the big hit...

Momentous Material jumbo patch autograph /5... 


Miami Marlin...

Henderson Alvarez! this card is awesome, and the patch is from an all star game workout jersey! The card is #ed 5/5, and even though it's a sticker autograph, Topps does a great job of hiding it. When you think of all the other name I could've gotten, it makes this card seem weak, but when you think of it being a case it, it's an awesome hit! Another great pull from 2015 Topps Museum Collection! 
Thank you for reading! 


  1. That's easily the best card of Henderson Alvarez I think we'll ever see. Great pull, you've been on fire lately!

    1. Thank you! I need to sell more legos now hahaha...

    2. Sounds like you've got quite the lego collection...

    3. That's all I asked about for Christmas for about 7 years