Thursday, April 16, 2015

Part 1 - 2 Boxes Of 2015 Topps Museum Collection

A couple of weeks ago, I sold a bunch of legos that I had from years ago, and all of them had appreciated in value a lot. With the money that I got, I spent it on 2 boxes of 2015 Museum Collection! I bought a box about a week ago, and pulled an awesome Greg Maddux autograph, so I thought I would try my luck at Museum once more! 

This will probably be an 8 part post (Yes, but don't ask why). I opened my boxes yesterday, but had no time, so I had to do it today. Here's the first pack of my 8 packs! 

My parallel, was a Ty Cobb green /199, which was cool.

Ty Cobb again.

Finally a new player.

Same team...

Matt Adams again! I was happy to finally get a Matt Adams autograph, since I think he's going to be an amazing player, but there's so many other great names that I could've gotten. Maybe the Archival Autograph in my next box will be better...
Thank you for reading! 

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