Thursday, April 16, 2015

Part 6 - Happy Jackie Robinson Day!

It's not Jackie Robinson day, but it was when I pulled this card, and I needed to find a title for this post! 

I pulled this Pablo Sandoval green /199 which is pretty cool, but I'd much rather pull a copper parallel, as I'm looking to complete the set! I was super sad when Sandoval left the Giants, and it's even worse when he joined the hated Red Sox... Ugh.

I love this Jackie Robinson card: There's a great picture, with a great design! 

This David Wright momentous material jumbo jersey /50 is awesome looking! I love the camo patch, and something I literally just noticed, is it's numbered 5/50, which is his jersey number! Woohoo! An added bonus to an awesome card! This box is getting a little better...
Thank you for reading! 

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