Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Quick Work From Topps, Slow Blogging By Me

It's been a while since I've last blogged, since I've been so caught up with watching baseball and all that. Today, I got 2 redemptions from Topps, that I redeemed about 2-3 weeks ago, so surprisingly, Topps sent the cards quick! I also have something else coming in for me today, but I'll get to that later. For now, enjoy these cards: 

I made a trade with a member on the sports card forum a while back for these 2 redemptions. I traded away my Jose Abreu 2014 Immaculate materials prime autograph patch for these 2 cards, and I think I made the right move! One of the cards, was a Julio Urias 2014 Bowman purple oversized autograph #ed /25! I don't do much prospect stuff, but I'm hoping that Urias will be able to help the Dodgers win a title in the next few years! I was thinking about getting this graded...? How much does that usually cost? 

The next card in the deal, was this Giancarlo Stanton 2014 Topps Tribute sepia autograph #ed /35! This is my first Stanton autograph, and I think that Stanton will be the next up and coming star. He already is, but he's so young, and not even in his prime yet! I'll definitely be holding on to these 2 cards.
Thank you for reading, and thank you Topps! 


  1. Awesome cards, obviously Stanton is the man, and I hear great things about Urias!

  2. Congrats.. a couple a terrific cards.

  3. Man, that Urias is just nails dude.

  4. both cards are awesome...especially that urias though.