Monday, January 16, 2017

White Plains Card Show Pickups

I haven't been to the White Plains card show in about 2 years, and The National compared to White Plains is like comparing a brand like Post to a brand like Safeway kitchens. 

If you had a choice you'd obviously go with Cocoa Pebbles. And if you choose the other brands then... Well you might as well submit yourself to a mental institute. 

Okay, now onto the cards.

I bought this card before the box of five star. It just so happens that I bought the same card that I would pull an hour later. I'm very high on Kepler and I think he could be an important part to the Twins lineup in a few years, so I'll be keeping both Kepler's. I'm hoping to pick up Kepler in the future.

Ever since Bauer pitched in the postseason last year I've always wanted an auto of his. I probably overpaid for this card, but Bauer has been on my want list for awhile now so it was all worth it.

Jon Gray is another player I'm really high on. His 4.61 ERA may not be very intimidating, but he definitely has the tools to be a middle of the rotation starter in the future. I'm really hoping to pick up more Gray in the future, as I love watching him pitch.

And finally, a David Dahl bowman sterling refractor auto /199. I've been wanting a Dahl auto for quite a while now, and the price made it even better. Dahl was quickly brought up to the major leagues after tearing up AAA, and he showed the Rockies why their future is so bright. A young starting rotation mixed with a powerful lineup, the Rockies can really bring it. The bullpen is a bit of an issue though... Although I do see the Rockies contending for a wild card spot next year. If not the Yankees, then let it be the Rockies!
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