Sunday, January 15, 2017

1 Amazing Box Of 2016 Five Star

It was kind of a last minute thing, but my dad and I took a trip down to the White Plains card show in, well, White Plains. I didn't bring a whole lot of cash with me and I also didn't bring any of my own cards, so it was a quick trip. One of the first booths I stopped at had an Arod dynasty /5 for a pretty good price, but I didn't want to spend all my cash within 5 minutes of being there so I decided to walk around some more. Long story short, I spent half an hour trying to find that card again. I gave up and decided to look elsewhere. So instead of spending the money on the Arod dynasty, I spent about half of that money on a box of 2016 Topps Five Star. I originally picked out two boxes of high tek, but I opted to go for five star once I saw it. Of course just as I was walking about, I passed the booth with the Arod dynasty... Oh well.

I noticed that the pack was very thin which most likely meant I had redemption. I've had great luck with redemptions in the past, so redemptions don't bother me, especially if it's good.

The first card on top was a Max Kepler base autograph. An hour earlier I bought the exact same card for 1/15th the price of the box. I would've been happy with this card if I hadn't already had the same exact card. The next card more than made up for the Kepler though... I knew both Bryant and Urias had redemptions in five star (I thought Maeda did too but apparently I was wrong), but as soon as I saw that white front I was almost certain it was Urias or Maeda (which I would have been happy with). Well... This came out.

Vin Scully gold parallel autograph /50! I was absolutely ecstatic when I pulled this! I pulled a Scully auto from 2012 prime cuts a little over two years ago and never thought I'd pull another. I'll definitely be redeeming this since the card is already live, and hopefully I'll be sending it to BGS for grading as long as there are no major flaws. The next week of posting will be a recap of everything else that I got at the show.
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  1. Pretty freakin sweet! Any interest in trading your extra Kepler graph?

  2. I really need to get to the White Plains show. I have not been to a card show since 2005 and had to drive to Massachusetts to go to that one. Do you know when the next one is going to be held?

    1. They are every two months, they also have a website:

    2. Thank you very much! 6 a year should give me plenty of opportunities to get there. I'm going to start saving up now!