Thursday, February 11, 2016

Not So Fast Soler

Earlier this week, I picked up a Jorge Soler immaculate patch autograph /5 from immaculate. I managed to win it for $15, and within a few days it was in my possession! I'm not a huge fan of Panini, although I do think they put out a few good baseball products during the year. The company without a license came out with (one of my favorite products of 2015) diamond kings, and they also came out with immaculate and national treasures; both of which I think look great. Even though the helmet is left without a logo, I think this card looks really great...

The auto has a slight defect, but other than that the card looks great. Not to mention the patch, and the card is numbered only to 5! Soler was mainly used as a utility player, and he helped lead the Cubs to the NLCS. Like most Cubs, he's very young and still has time to prove himself! He also batted .474 with 3 home runs in the postseason last year... Not too bad for someone who hasn't even celebrated his 24th birthday yet!

And I sold the card about an hour ago... I used the money that I made from selling the Soler to buy one of my favorite cards in my collection! And to think I won this card for $15, and used the money that I made from selling this card to win one of my favorite cards in my collection... That post will have to wait until the card comes in though.
Thank you for reading!

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  1. Soler Power! Interested to see what you picked up for that.