Thursday, February 18, 2016

Another Judge...?!

A few days back, I made a post about a Jorge Soler immaculate patch autograph /5, and I mentioned that I sold it to acquire another card. I was in the exact same situation with the other Judge that I won; I had a limited amount of money in my paypal account, and bought the maximum number of spots I could in the razz (which was much less than 50% of the 10 spots). Somehow I managed to win myself another Judge right before the season started:

I was stoked when I won another Judge. I only wanted one to begin with, but I'll take two any day! Here's the other Judge for those who didn't read my post the other day:

I'll probably be holding onto both until he gets called up, and if he does well I'll probably keep these for my Yankees collection! Now I just need to add Bird, Severino, and Mateo and I'll have the Yankees future core four... Hopefully. 
Same Judge chrome, different sub grades! Soler immaculate for an Aaron Judge bowman chrome autograph? I'll take that it.
Thank you for reading!

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